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DTFM: Rich Text Radio's Return

Six months away from radio and records, the DriveTribeFM Trio begins for a new session and format

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DJ Ravi:

"Ladies, and Gentlemen, and to the vehicles that you rode in to get here. We welcome you back to the VERY first studio appearance of the summer 2020 studio sessions. If you have forgotten just who we are around the studio, we are the DriveTribeFM trio from the Rich Text Radio Show."

"I am DJ Ravi, alongside Master Co-pilot, Mr. Arnold Tarmac, with our backseat passenger, Mr. Ralphi AKA ‘ThunderBread”, and it is a very beautiful morning here around the ones and two’s. Limited to the amount of staff that we can have in operation, most of our suite offices are vacant, there is this eerily silence that swims throughout the hallways and air vents, but here we are, back on the air - briefly - to brush away dust and cobwebs."

"At this time, I am here in the studio, alone, doing this introduction back to the airwaves. I can assure that your co-pilots will be back in the studio alongside me to do this LIVE, again, very soon. Our producers have been working to gather our wits about us for working again because, yes, it is true, they also have bills and car maintenance fees to maintain within their automotive fleets."

"We have a lot of stories for you - road rallies, travelling music venue events in the midst of circumstances, cars, cash, and ‘The Creatives’ Auto Expo’ shows, new interviews, special guests, and so much more to give to you all for your morning applications to begin a productive day. In the meantime, be safe out there."

Coming up next: We interview a man who drove a lap around the United States, rallying in an underground, driver exclusive, hyper-elite event spanning eight thousand miles over ten days.

DTFM: Rich Text Radio

“Big Jon” of Team (11) {....I’m talking about high altitudes, to where your ears go from popping due to the amount of pressure to almost feeling like its closing up - the roads turned slick and my master pilot decided to cruise behind a salt truck up the hill. Our tires were so gone, the car slid the entire entrance portion of the climb, spinning out and almost sliding off the cliff. A guy with a snowmobile saw us easing our way from the side of the embankment and offered to move us the remaining portion of the incline. We paid him accordingly, and I had to sit on the bonnet - in this freezing cold weather - in order to hold traction while the snow mobile hauled us the remaining five or six miles up the hill…}

More from ‘Big Jon’ and the Rich Text Radio Morning Crew Tomorrow.

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