DTFM: RTR (Stories Beyond the Shoulder) ep.1

Tarmac shares his story driving home last night

32w ago

Tarmac: Alright, alright, I have one. Last night, my lady and I was driving home from dancing, right?

(Thunderbread: How was that?) -


So we're driving back from dancing and were getting onto the highway, and out of nowhere, six motorcycles pass us on the right, using the extra portion of the lane where truckers usually sleep, right?

All we hear is this whining of acceleration, then the bursts of wind when they came flying by us.



My girl was so freaked out, she clinched up with her fists in the air like she was going to perform a flying kick at the dashboard - and all I could do was let off of the gas and watch these six solo rear-lamp bikers pull away from us so fast, by the time we actually reached the actual interstate, their rear lamps were gone. Completely out of view.

Alright, I thought, 'bikers enjoying the open lanes of the late night?' - no harm, no foul, right?

Not exactly.

We start cruising along, totally forgot about the bikers at this point, then, from the center medium, this fleet of armored trucks shines their lights on the highway, it was lit up like a football stadium it was so bright.

I immediately slow down and get out of the left hand lane, and they proceed to pull out and, I assume chase the bikers. These were vehicles I had never seen before. It was straight out of Sci-Fi / post apocalyptic type of scene. All black, tiny windows, huge super swamper tires, large Texas style grills over all the headlights, I didn't see any weapons, though. But they were ROLLING DEEP.

I will probably never see anything like it again.

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