DTM-inspired 800Hp/1100Nm Mercedes AMG 55 Turbo Monster

Another unique Beast coming from South Africa and competing on Knysna Speed Festival

Thouca Mechanicos (very appropriate name by the way.. ) is the creator, owner and driver of this unique machine coming from South Africa. A Mercedes W203 AMG 55, now using bodywork inspired on the CLK DTM cars and with its engined now Turbocharged and producing over 800Hp and 1100Nm to the wheels.

A regular contender on Knysna Speed Festival, it is always one of the most spectacular car on Simola Hillclimb, where even at low boost (1.1 bar on this case) it is still a lairy beast, presenting tremendous challenges to Mr. Mechanicos when it comes to put all that power and torque to the ground.

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