In 1956 the short but intense history of the Dual-Ghia company began

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Between 1953 and 1954 the Dodge had asked the designer Virgil Exner to make some sports cars that could compete with the new Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Corvette.

Thus were born the four Firearrow concept cars produced in series with the collaboration of the Ghia , but despite the hype raised in the public and in the specialized press, the cars were never mass-produced.

During the Second World War the company had been involved in the construction of propellers for military vehicles and at the end of hostilities its manager Eugene Casaroll decided to move on to the production of luxury cars.

He had been greatly impressed by Firearrow and in 1956 he asked Paul Farago, the American representative of Ghia, for the collaboration of the Italian company to put series cars from the concept car built for the Dodge into series production.

After receiving the consent of the Turin society, the new Dual-Ghia brand was founded and the first model built was the Convertible derived from the Firearrow IV.

Based on a ladder chassis covered by a steel body, the car has a 240 hp Dodge RedRam V8 5.2 engine managed by a two-speed automatic transmission and combined with rear wheel drive.

The production was particularly complex as the chassis and propulsion units, once assembled, were shipped to the Ghia industrial plant and were combined with the bodywork and interior fittings.

Once the cars had been completed they were packed and sent back to Detroit where they were sold through authorized dealers.

Built in 117 units until 1958, it had a moderate commercial success thanks to the competitive price of $ 7500 and was replaced with the new L6.4 coupe.


Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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