Dubai Police flys its Mercedes SLS AMG to Italy for the Mille Miglia

That moment when a car is flying in more style than you are...

5w ago

Dubai's police are known for their very impressive collection of supercars which have made the news over the last decade or so. But now they have decided to send one out of the UAE in order to drive the iconic Mille Miglia in Italy.

The Mille Miglia is a thousand mile road trip which is one of Italy's finest claims to fame, among many other things. So what better way to celebrate it than to send a V8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG to do it. The car flew with Emirates Skycargo and ended up in Brescia in the northern region of Lombardy where it will drive to Rome and back.

Brig Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai Police said: “Our participation in the race symbolises the UAE’s efforts to bring safety and security at home and to promote mutual dialogue and respect with other cultures globally.

The Emirates is established on the values of tolerance and openness, evident in its rich diverse society of over 190 nationalities who live and work together in harmony. We look forward to sharing these values with millions of race spectators across the world.”

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