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Dubai Police rewarding discounts on fines for safe driving

1w ago


We all have pesky speeding or parking fines that we need to pay off, but sometimes they're just too expensive. This is where the Dubai Police have come up with a way to help you.

They have introduced a new scheme where you can get discounts on your driving offences. Basically, drivers who go a certain amount of time without any offences can qualify for these discounts. Motorists who are deemed safe for 3 months can get 25% discount on existing fines. 50% for 6 months and up to 75% for 9 months.

I think this is a great way to encourage better driving but it sort of defeats the point of the fine in the first place. Maybe I'm wrong.

It gets better!

If you go a year without committing any driving offences and without getting any fines then you can qualify to get 100% off your existing fines. So, if you're a driver in Dubai who has some existing fines hanging over you, don't worry.

It gets better still...

The Dubai Police have rolled out another scheme to reward good drivers in Dubai which include shopping vouchers. To do this, all Dubai drivers need to do is download the app and allow your live location to be shared. Then, for every 5 to 10 kilometres you drive under the speed limit you can be rewarded 'white points' and when you earn enough you can redeem them and qualify for gifts and shopping vouchers. There is also a chance to create a team with your friends and gather points together.

I find this a fascinating way to improve the driving in Dubai, but if it works then that's great!