Dubai signs a deal to get fully-autonomous robotic taxis by 2023

Would you get into a fully-autonomous robotic taxi?

4w ago

If you didn't know, GM runs a company called Cruise which is an autonomous driving unit revealed in January of last year with the promise of producing an emissions-free and driverless transportation future.

So far, just San Francisco has Cruise, but they have just signed a deal with the Road and Transit Authority of Dubai which aims to see these robotaxis on the streets by the beginning of 2023.

This comes at a perfect time for Dubai as it has been working on autonomous cars and public transport for years, and this deal is just what they were looking for. By 2030, Cruise and Dubai aim to have 4,000 self-driving taxis operating within the city. Part of the agreement makes Cruise Dubai's exclusive robotaxi provider until the year 2029.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan said, "This agreement, which is the first of its kind worldwide between a government entity and a leading developer of autonomous vehicles, and autonomous vehicle technology, is a major step towards realising Dubai's Self-Driving Transport Strategy aimed at converting 25 percent of total trips in Dubai into self-driving transport trips across different modes of transport by 2030."

Cruise is the beginning of a huge drive towards autonomous driving and with its adoption in the Middle East, it is sure to proceed to grow.

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Comments (11)

  • Futurism is boring

      28 days ago
    • 100%

        28 days ago
    • I agree its going to be like living in a real life version of the world in the Demolition Man film of the 1990's where every is wimpy and have to follow extremely strict rules and the people who are less desirable are shoved into the underworld...

      Read more
        27 days ago
  • Ummmmm.....I live in Dubai and perhaps should be nervous about this?!🤔

      27 days ago
  • I saw a video article on the Cruise prototype a while back. It showed a great deal of promise but I didn't think they would be ready by 2023. That's good news, I guess.

      27 days ago
    • Not good news for the taxi drivers that are about to lose their income, I don’t really see the point of autonomous vehicles if people don’t want to drive they should get a taxi or an Uber.

        27 days ago
    • I don't disagree with you. Unfortunately almost every job is going away due to automation. Corporations only care about their bottom line because shareholders are more important to them than their actual employees.

        27 days ago
  • This won't end well.

      25 days ago