- Nothing makes the general public feel safe like a police SUV built for the apocalypse.

Dubai's "Ghiath" is the arm of the law you don't want to mess with

There's cop cars that use speed and there's ones that use force. Guess which this one was built for?

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There are cop cars that use speed and ones that use force. Guess which one this was built for?

Remember the outcry when NSW Police announced they’d be teaming up with BMW for its next highway patrol car? Be thankful they didn’t go to Ghiath!

Produced by W Motors – the same company that makes the 404km/h Lykan HyperSport supercar – the Ghiath Beast Patrol uses a range of features to take down baddies, including a touchscreen dashboard, suicide doors, emergency lights all 'round, and an ANPR (automatic number-plate recognition) and facial recognition system that pops out from the roof.

There's also a hilariously dramatic demonstration video, which happens to uncover that a few bits and bobs were used from General Motors' parts bin. Assuming that Ghiath’s Beast Patrol is based on a GM SUV (like a Suburban or Escalade), power should come from a 313kW/624Nm 6.2 EcoTec3 V8. Maybe even a Hennessey powerplant?

Not completely absurd - given that the Ghiath would be running with police-spec AMGs and Lamborghinis!

What’s the coolest patrol car you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments.

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