Ducati takes over Eicma 2018

Ducati growth over the years has been unstoppable and the last edition of the EICMA is just another proof.

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Ducati has always had a great success among a specific type of enthusiasts. Over the last 4 decades it has gone through a great evolution: from a semi-artisanal factory to a world class business group.

But somehow they managed to keep that particular soul and emphatize it to a whole new level. They always put an accent on technology but now that concept has been developed in a number of fields.

Their popularity is largely due to a couple of unique features: tubular frames and desmodromic timing sistems. They built a strong legacy around these ideas throughout a constant evolution of their models.

They became the leading actor in the new WSBK Championship an managed to stay on top fighting with all the japanese manufacturers despite the huge difference in terms of selling numbers and budgets.

They somehow kept that spirit entering the even more challenging MotoGp class, the top level in 2 wheels sport. They pursued their "usual - unusual approach" and managed to beat all the competitors with a bike that was trustful to Ducati's peculiarities.

It has been the best demonstartion tha tanother way is always possible. Every year they just improve the performances and the carateristics of their models, both on the racing and on the road-going versions.

It would be not fair to say that other brands don't offer a similar amount of technology bust the real difference is how Ducati is able to show and deliver its raging spirit and its go-big-or-go-home approach.

This is particularly clear to explain if you look at the Desmosedici GP18, the bike that gave Dovizioso and Lorenzo the opportunity to win 7 races in the last championship. If you look at other MotoGps like Yamaha and Suzuki (for example) you'll notice how all taht super-precious and complex machinery is hidden and forged not to interrupt the sleek lines of the body.

On the Ducati instead the fairings look like a super tight dress that is no longer able to keep all that super technologic parts together- You can see sensors, elctronic devices, tubes, computer units, mechanic linkages popping out everywhere.

Almost the same goes for the Panigale V2 that has just ended its racing career after years of fights against Rea and his almost unbeatable Kawasaki.

I think there's something very special in the way that Ducati is able to mix cutting edge computer-designed technology with a very human and soulful touch in integrating them with the overall bike structure.

The good news is that the crazyness is not going to stop in the near future because the Panigale V2 replacement - the even more unbelievable Panigale V4 - brings the same amount of passion in a whole new format thanks to its hi-revving and rocket-fast V4 engine.

The stock v4 was just one of the stars of last year Eicma edition and this year they again stole the show by bringing the racing version and the race replica road version. Its numbers are just coming from another planet but its look is even more effective in causing goosebumps.

The unique allure that Ducati sportbikes can count on has been well exploited by many brands...almost 50% of the stands had a modified Panigale V4 or V2 to show specific products..

Pierobon added his famous craftamanship to the Panigale by biulding a superbe tubular chassis that has better performance than the stock structure thanksto the studies behind tubes section and types of steel and chrome molybdenum.

The bike is the object of a graduate thesis that is focused on aerodynamics. You can see clearly that there are winglets, canards and other aero devices around it.

Zard brought a mental exhaust with 4 exits and a unique design that enhances the titanium that was used to build it. Im' looking forward to hear it onthe track!

A dry clutch kit is another must have for a high-performance Ducati and some brands are starting to sell it to the public.

Fm Corse and Termignoni have different ideas when it comes to Panigale exhausts and that's awesome so we can anjoy these designs that can modify the whole look and carachter of the bike.

Also Tamburini was at Eicma with its super-fast prototypes that are equipped as usual with lots of goodies like these steering plates. It would be a dream for us to work on a late generation Ducati, let's wait and see...

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