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This caught my attention because of the "RARE" moniker (don't want to miss a bargain) *RARE* Pink Translucent GReddy GTT3 Music Turbo Timer JDM Evo Skyline 200sx RX7

Ad reads: For sale is a super rare GReddy Music turbo timer in translucent pink/red (though it is more pink than red!) with red LEDs. These were a limited edition release, and can be programmed to play a musical sequence of your choice (see youtube for videos, quite cool).

Yes this will work with your vehicle; all you need is the appropriate turbo timer harness for your model (bought separately). What you see in the photos is what you will get.

In summary:
- Super rare, rarest colour this turbo timer was available in
- Mint condition to be fair
- Cool af - has to add at least 50hp
- 8 bit tunes
- Works with your vehicle

Getting harder and harder to find parts like these now, so do a buy!

So there it is. Some people say having a turbo timer invalidates your insurance, or is dumb generally. Well if you are not one to follow sage advice, then this is most certainly for you! .... Plus it plays music! beep beep beep!

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