Durablazer part deux

1y ago


A work in progress but this is the exact thing this tribe is about. Cool engines in cool vehicles. The more outlandish the better. This is pretty tame all things considered but I have a soft spot for Blazers and all square bodies so the feels, oh the feels


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  • A 73-75 is hiding there :)

    I think you'll have trouble with 241 because it'll go pop with the torque of the diesel. That said, you can buy 12 of those transfer cases instead of the only solution - Atlas 2 - so it will depend on your application of the skinny pedal. My dad used to drag race at Lions in the late 50s/ early 60s (then I was born and put an end to that nonsense) but the skinny, weak crap that they ran 9s with testifies that you can make a lot work or you can be the guy who breaks rocks in a sandbox....

    1 year ago


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