Dusk till darkness the Rats COme out to Play

So arriving in Las Vegas for SEMA 2016 a few days early had a couple of huge benefits while many of the guys wanted to sight see i had a serious matter on my mind a bucket list one at that.

i had managed to luckily convince the guys that it would be well worth a visit to the outskirts of the city and to find that spot that special location where i could capture the cars in there own space and glory. Now time was not on my side as the sun was already starting to set as we headed out of the car park at Circus Circus and i knew already traffic would not be kind.Luckily we had a local guy who had an idea of a location that was not to far away and that we could get to quite quickly. So with that said we hit the road !!!

Ken in his awesome Ford Model T RPU Rat

within about thirty minutes we had arrived off the beaten path on a nice bit of what i would describe as well traveled tarmac. surround by a few hills close by and then an amazing backdrop off into the other direction and then i spotted it just up the road a dusty gravelly lay by and going off from it a dirt track heading off literally into the sunset . I knew then that this was the spot for my bucket list shoot and to create something special for these guys. Now the guys where getting pretty excited but also slightly sceptical with this crazy idea that this brit was gonna do photos in the dark with a single light i could just feel it in the air but as i was soon to show them what magic could be created.

Kyles awesome custom Chevrolet coupe / convertible which has a more Lead Sled appearance

I then wanted to grab a couple of shots of Ken's Dads truck as i knew the sun was just where i wanted it the one below being one of my preferred shots.

Kens Dad's truck

Now one of the stand out things was there felt to be a vibe around Ken an almost Steve McQueen look with is hardcore little 1927 Ford Model T Roadster Pick Up Rat Rod so that was next on the list.

Ken getting ready to hit that path less traveled.

I then grabbed a couple more shots of the car without ken which again just felt like they had the right ambience and vibe.

Next up i grabbed a couple of Jason and Gasoline Alleys Dodge Rat Rod

Then it was time for a little break and to wait for the sun to fully set and for us to be plunged into darkness in this rather remote and stark landscape. But once i could start doing the long exposures we where going to be in for an almighty surprise of what the sky and landscape where going to transform into.

So first up a nice friendly group shot

Ok so here are the four cars shot in there own setting lurking in the middle of nowhere.

Now you might of been observant to notice theres one cheeky Chappy missing the Rolls Rat Rod well fear not here it is below :).

So firstly heres the booty of the beast

This was one of the most striking results i have ever had the sky as you see it here is how it was such an amazing colour and i feel great contrast to the polished aluminum body work

Now whilst the car was positioned there i decided that we should do a couple of quick shots with a couple of products from sponsors for the build which you can see below.

So i think thats quite enough Rat Rods for one sitting but next to come will be a mix of day and night shots of the Rolls which i did down at SEMA.

I hope you liked this post and look forward to seeing your comments.