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Dutch-Belgian race drive Max Emilian Verstappen, for my opinion...

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Dutch-Belgian racer Max Emilian Verstappen - son of a F1 pilot, Jos Verstappen, was born in September 1997 in the Belgian city of Hasselt. As of 2020, takes part in Formula 1 as a top pilot of the Red Bull Racing team. Speaking under the flag of the Netherlands is characterized by an aggressive manner of driving F1 cars. Max went down in the history of the “Royal Race” as the youngest pilot to compete in F1 - he began the victorious march at 17. At the same time, he received a driver’s license later at the age of 18.

Max's father, Jos, is inextricably linked with motorsport (the author of the most epic fire in the Formula 1 history). Not having achieved much success at the Royal Auto Racing, Jos projected on his son all the unrealized goals, resentment and anger, eventually making Max a brutal “overtaking machine” in Senna's style. The young and hot Lion, not possessing the gentlemanly qualities on the track, does not hesitate to push a competitor off the trajectory or to dangerously “close the gate” just to maintain a position. In controversial situations, he does not hesitate to use bad words, and after racing he runs into the paddock to try to give the bream to the offender (the situation with the Esteban Ocon in 2018). Father did a good job, conveying to his son an ardent disposition and anger associated with everything that interferes with victory.

Mother - Sophie Kumpen, actively participated in kart racing. Max's cousin Anthony Cumpen participated in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. Now he is the team manager of the "European Series of Oval Racing" - "PK Carsport".

In 2016, before joining the Red Bull team, Verstappen played "for the Bulls subsidiary" - Scuderia Toro Rosso (the name was at the moment of 16th year). However, due to a number of stupid mistakes made during the season by Daniil Kvyat (“torpedoing” Vettel, stupid clashes and suddenly activating autistic syndrome during an interview), he moved from “Toro Rosso” as his replacement. In defense of Kvyat i need to saythat the annual penalty went to his advantage. Returning to F1 in 2019, he showed incredible stability and progress, which almost returned him to the top team. But did not return, thanks to Albon and Gasley.

In his debut race for Red Bull Racing, Max took the title at the age of 18. This achievement made him the youngest winner of the Grand Prix and the first racer under the Dutch flag.

In the 19th year, Verstappen performed even better than in the past. His breakthroughs from the last places in the TOP 5 did not leave people indifferent to him. This gave rise to rumors about the possibility of his transfer to the Mercedes AMG Petronas or Scuderia Ferrari teams in the future, the interest in which Max did not even try to hide. For him, only the title is important, the rest is secondary ...

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