- Convertibles will have to have their roof up when driving in the city in 2018 - Image from Autoblog

Dutch Town To Ban All Convertible Vehicles In 2018!

1y ago


Recently, we've seen many new environmental rulings against vehicles in city centres. Perhaps the most infamous being the 2040 petrol and diesel car ban happening in the U.K.. Now, a governor in Harderwijk, a city in the centre of the Netherlands, has opted to ban convertible cars from next year.

Harderwijk sits on the river, attracting many visitors during the Summer months

The city sits on a river, and often gets visitors there for weekend trips. As a result, convertible cars are popular in the area during busy Summer periods, much to the annoyance of the locals.

The Governor of the city has defended the proposal, stating that it will not only protect residents of the city, but also drivers of the convertibles themselves. The Governor's reasoning behind this is that convertible cars are apparently more polluting than cars with fixed roofs, as well as with the convertible down, the drivers of the cars will breathe in more polluting fumes.

The city expects this ruling to decrease traffic by 2500 cars once the ban comes in. Camera systems will be put into place to fine drivers of convertible cars entering the city.

Via Autoblog