Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has hit the heights of stardom, last year earning an estimated net worth of $185 million. But how does the former WWE star's

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From WWE to Hollywood stardom, Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock, is an idol for many.

Starting off in professional wrestling, Dwayne quickly reached the top, becoming one of the most celebrated wrestlers of the 21st century. However, he eventually decided a career change was in order.

Moving in to Hollywood, The Rock dominated once again, appearing in a number of action packed blockbusters including the Fast and Furious franchise and San Andreas.

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth was estimated to be a staggering $185 million, making him the world’s highest paid actor for that year.

So, to celebrate this absolute beast of a man, we decided to take a look inside of his garage to see if his car collection matched his stature.

Dwayne Johnson’s Car Collection

Pagani Huayra

You might struggle to believe that the 6'4 barrel-chested powerhouse would fit inside a low riding sports car but somehow, The Rock manages.

Last year, Dwayne arrived to premier of hit HBO show Ballers, in a $1.3 million Pagani Huayra.

Although getting out of the supercar proved to be a challenge, the actor flashed his pearly whites, laughed it off and posed for a picture. Dwayne, we like your style.

Ford F-150 Pickup Custom-Built

Having the highest net worth in Hollywood last year, you’d expect Dwayne Johnson to name the Bugatti Veyron or an alternative hypercar as his favourite.

However, it is widely understood that The Rock’s favourite car isn’t a car at all, but a truck. The F-150 custom built pickup can be seen all over the former WWE superstar’s Instagram page – and what a beast it is.

Ferrari LaFerrari Matte White

The LaFerrari, the flagship hypercar of the world famous Italian manufacturer, harbours a 6.3-litre V12 engine capable of 950bhp when combined with the full power of its assisting electric motor.

Receiving the car as a complementary lease, Dwayne soon realised he was incapable of fitting inside the incredibly rare matte white LaFerrari – designers obviously didn’t consider The Rock's physique when building the car.

Regardless, Dwayne seized the opportunity and got a few pictures with it.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Any worthy superstar wouldn’t be complete without a Rolls-Royce to cruise around in it seems nowadays. So of course, The Rock has one.

Pictured jumping out of his two-door Wraith coupe before hoping on to the jet, the 6.5-litre twin-turbo V12 is definitely a stylish way of getting around. And just to top it off – the man is dressed like a Maui rock god, sandals and guitar in hand!

1999 Plymouth Prowler

Cool, crazy and bulky – much like the man himself. Whilst filming Pain and Gain, The Rock was spotted cruising around in a purple metallic Plymouth Prowler.

Distinctive by nature, the car has a top speed of 118 mph and a 0-62mph sprint time of 5.9 seconds.

Although not strictly part of the Dwayne’s personal car collection, the abnormal design makes the car look cool so we thought we’d feature it on the list.

2017 Ford GT

In case you didn’t know, Dwayne Johnson is a proud Ford ambassador, appearing in commercials and at launches for the manufacturer all over the world.

Last year, The Rock took it upon himself to spend time with a variety of different departments at the company in the hope of getting to know the production process better. Whilst doing this, one particular car stood out – the 2017 Ford GT.

Describing it as one of the most iconic vehicles ever, the rock was pictured standing next to the modern racing version of the GT which won its category in the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. However, the dream of driving the road-legal version was short lived as The Rock discovered it to be another supercar he couldn’t fit into.

Ford Mustang 2018

Not only does Dwayne drive awesome cars (and trucks) but he also likes to give cars away.

Back in January, Johnson was asked to unveil the brand-new 2018 Ford Mustang to the world… only this time with a twist. Instead of merely unveiling the car, Dwayne presented the car as a gift to U.S. combat veteran Marlene Rodriquez.

A bold and brilliant gesture from both Ford and Dwayne, Marlene was completely shocked by the reveal, leaving us all feeling a little emotional after watching the video.

To conclude, Dwayne Johnson is a genuinely good human being, with a great work ethic and some really cool cars.


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  • To sum it up he has a truck which is the only car he actually fits into...

    Thanks for the list of cars he doesn't own :D

      4 years ago
    • However, the same jet is in two of the pictures, so he either rents that particular plane a lot or it's his too. BTW, they said he owns the Rolls as well.

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    • A lot of the time they lease them. There are also programs similar to time shares with private jets.

        4 years ago
  • So where are HIS cars?

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  • Click bait article. The Rock owns none of those, apart form the F-150. There's starting to be far too many of these articles on this site and I'm sick of it.

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