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E Type Jaguar Barn Find

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Superior E type Jaguar project car


1968 Series 1.5 2+2 coupe, LHD, 4.2 litres, 4 speed manual, original Opalescent light blue with Navy blue leather, wire wheels, air conditioning.

Exterior condition

The factory opalescent light blue paint might well be largely original, and the whole body is relatively un-messed with and complete. The RHS floor and sill have had welding repairs at some stage and now may need some more, the LHS now needs this repair, expect floor repairs and replacement inner and outer sills. There are some rust issues on the trunk floor and whee larches. The bonnet is fairly sound except for the front valance which is holed below the badge bar. There is a repairable dent on the LHF wing otherwise its pretty straight all over. The exterior chrome is original, straight and complete excepting the tailgate glass lower finisher and the front badge bar brackets which are missing. The windscreen has a crack on center line. The doors close perfectly, the gaps all around are good.

interior condition

The navy blue cabin is in original and complete condition except for the carpets. The seat covers are original and in amazing condition, albeit a bit dry, but should be reusable. The center console armrest leather has split though. The rear cabin area, trunk boards etc are also original and in good condition needing just a good clean. The headliner will need replacing. The dash is complete and the odometer is showing 58,000 miles which given the condition of the seats looks like it could be original. There is no spare wheel.

Mechanical Condition

The car is complete mechanically except for the air cleaner housing. The exhaust system was removed and is available but you would probably want to replace it anyway. The engine is not seized but the car has not run for many years and was dry stored as a result of requiring a brake overhaul. The brake master cylinder has been removed and a new unit is in trunk as it was never fitted. The tyres are inflated and the car rolls and steers freely, clearly it can't be driven away and will need to be collected by transporter. The data plate is still in place and the chassis stamping on the front frame is intact as is the body tag. The engine number on the block does not match that on the data plate, I am waiting for the Heritage Certificate to be able to confirm which is correct since the stamped engine block number is correct for this year.

The car was recently imported and is sold as a non running, non driving restoration project with import NOVA documentation which allows for immediate registration, the process takes 3-4 weeks where in a UK registration plate will be issued with the existing paperwork. The car will have to be collected from the West Midlands.

Search eBay for details this item runs out on the 27 th July. All specs taken from the cars details via eBay.

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Comments (11)

  • Would be a good first project car

      2 years ago
  • Wow

      2 years ago
  • Only just seen this! Wasn't even shown on my feed. This is such a fascinating read. Very well written and informative xx

      2 years ago
  • Wow another great article debs love reading your articles you put a Lot of time and effort in to these

      2 years ago
    • Thank you Lisa its a great car and a rare find hopefully it will go to someone who can love it back to health lol xx

        2 years ago
  • Wow nice. But where the heck were you lucky enough to find that!

      2 years ago