E30 BMW 3-Series on sale with a massive V8 in it

It's a bit pricey, though

Engine swapping is recurring trend in the pre-owned and tuning market and the V8 is probably the most common choice. Chevrolet-sourced V8 are incredibly popular chiefly because they're durable, relatively easy to adapt and fit under the hood of a variety of different cars and that's the case with the E30 BMW 3-Series, which is currently listed on Ebay and powered by a, you've guessed, Chevy V8.

The factory 2.7-liter inline-6 was replaced with a Chevrolet 350 cubic-inch V8, paired with a Borg Warner Super T-10 4-speed manual transmission and, according to the eBay listing, the owner has also fitted Koni adjustable suspension, a Hurt shifter, custom wheels on Mickey Thompson rear drag racing tires, heavy-duty brakes, a RAM clutch, steel crankshaft and an MSD ignition system.

The interior was also comprehensively modified. The entire rear section was removed, including the seats of course, and replaced with a full roll cage. The dashboard was revised and the driver's seat is now equipped with 4-point harness belts.

There are a couple of things worth noting. First of all, despite the engine swap and the tires and everything else, the car is amazingly still road legal. Secondly, this is an 1986 model and even though the owner says the engine has only done 2,500 miles, there's no mention of mileage for the car. And then lastly, we have to talk about the price. The classified ad price is $38,500.00 but the owner is willing to accept offers. Now, the car appears to be in good condition but the fact that it's been extensively modded is a bit of a double-edged sword.

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Comments (12)

  • People should only build things like this for themselves, going on to sell it is a difficult ask as the buyer is never going to know what the integrity of the build is or indeed the skill of the mechanic.

    Stay away, could be a death trap.

      1 year ago
    • Well said

        1 year ago
  • WHY???

      1 year ago
  • This is one man's project. Stay away.

      1 year ago
  • Okay one more thing I could see all the torque being an issue.. At the drags dump the clutch at 5000 and the body twists and out pops the windshleld! It would be hilarious providing no one gets hurt of course!

      1 year ago
  • JP said it, a Death trap!! Intake screams Hot Wheels envy.

      1 year ago