E​30 Revival Part 4! Coolant Sensor, Radio Fix, And CV Axle Replacement.

E​verything Is Coming Along Nicely Now.

16w ago

​If you have been up-to-date with my $1,000 e30 325e revival, you'll know that it has come a long way from it sinking into a driveway with electrical problems and would barely stay running to now moving under its own power now. But I am not out of the woods yet.

I​ noticed I couldn't get the temp gauge to work so I figured it was the temp sensor. Figured its and old car so the sensor was probably bad. No big deal. It was easy to get to and cheap so why not replace it. when I did replace it, still nothing, unfortunately. I should pull the gauge cluster next to see whats up with that. Maybe the wire is disconnected or something.

N​ext on my list was the radio. It was locked out and I needed to punch in a code to get it working again. Luckily, the internet and car forums are very helpful. All I had to do was to send a picture of the serial number and he gave me a 5 digit code to punch in. Once I put it in, BOOM! it worked. I tried to turn it up, but I got some of the most awful crackling noises and I think some of the back speaks are blown out. they come in every now and again.

U​p next was the CV axle. I noticed the boots were torn and worn out on the passenger side so I ordered up a whole new axle and got to work on pulling it apart. Luckily, changing CV axles are pretty straight forward, but man, those bolts that hold the axle to the differential were in there. I bet they have been in place since factory. I had to put everything I had into it. I should have just hit it with my purse.

​Putting everything back together wasn't that bad. Unfortunately, my new CV axle didn't come with any new hardware, so I cleaned up the old bolts with a wire brush and some brake cleaner. After, I greased everything up with some axle grease, slid it in place, and bolted everything back up.

I​ then after took it for a test drive to see if all the hardwork paid off. It definitely drove much better. No more shaking and no more small knocks. It was nice to listen to the radio a bit was well. No more dead silence in the car. Now I have some music with some crackling speakers. A bit of a bummer, the sensor wasn't the culprit of the temp gauge problem but like I said before, It could be just a loose wire on the back. No big deal.

T​here is still a lot more I have to do to this car. I want to replace the blown speakers next, along with the fuel filter. I think that will help with the sluggishness of the take off. I can't imagine how old that thing is in there. I also want to try and find a passenger taillight for it since mine is cracked still. I went to go check on why the passenger rear brake caliper wasn't working, I took the bleeder screw out and it was dry inside. No fluid. I went to chase down where the clog was and of course, I popped the brake line. I wanted to see if the drivers rear caliper was working once I clamped off the broken rear passenger line. I checked it and it was working but someone broke the bleeder screw off deep into the caliper so I figured I would just replace both back ones. It was cheap enough on rockauto.com.​ Just do a bit of an overhaul on it.

D​own below, I'll post the video I made on part 4 if anyone is interested. It has been a fun little journey and I am definitely going to take a road trip with it, once everything is all squared away. I haven't figured out where I want to go yet though. If I think of something, I will definitely let everyone know and write something about it. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up for me, and maybe think about hitting that Subscribe button while you're at it for more up-to-date content on the e30 revival and other cars I am working on getting back on the road.

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