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E31 Engine Review

Comparing the 850i to the 850Csi

2y ago

The Iconic 8 series provided BMW with a timeless classic that all car enthusiasts can respect. In May of 89' BWM released this RWD 296 HP beauty, and with a price tag of around $80,700, the 1990 850i didn't exactly sell to your everyday commuter and only a handful were built, with BMW only making 1,500~ 850Csi Variants.

It is well know that the 5.6L S70B56 V12 Engine of the 850Csi was the base for the McLaren F1's 6.1 L S70/2 and is admired by most, but the E31 came with some lesser known engines which were found in BMW's Flagship model, the E38 that sported the M60 and M62 V8s which provided a decent amount of power. During development the Idea of an 3.0 liter I6 engine was played with but no 830i was ever put in to production most likely due to the lack of power in such a sporty looking performance car.

Specs Comparison

There were major differences from the base 850i and the 1995 850Csi the first being around a $30,000 increase in price for the Cs model. BMW knew what their elite market audience wanted and that was power. Not only did the 1995 Csi only come in manual but it also gave the lucky driver of this machine 80 more horse power and 75 ft-ld of extra torque.

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