- This grid gave us a great 2018.

Each Race of the F1 2018 Season - In Pictures: Part 1

27w ago


The season was obviously brilliant, even though we didn't get the exciting last-race title battle. Could I stuff all the action from the races into 7 words each? You're going to see lots of pictures...

Australian Grand Prix

Dis-Haas-ter. In other news, it's Grazie Ragazzi!

Bahrain Grand Prix

Now we can fight! Not you two...

Chinese Grand Prix

Gotta lick the stamp and send it.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Bottas looked very strong. His luck didn't.

Spanish Grand Prix

Alonso vs Leclerc: Battle of the century!

Monaco Grand Prix

Divebomb in China, pool dive in Monaco!

Canadian Grand Prix

The race hasn't ended yet, Miss Harlow!

Want part 2 and 3? No? I will still post it. Thanks for reading/seeing/scrolling/ignoring!