Each year I host an event to gather some of Australia's best GT-R's and make a pilgrimage back to the iconic mountain circuit that made the R32 GT-R and subsequently the GT-R name plate iconic. This is only a small excerpt from an amazing day surrounded by an amazing community of GT-R owners converging on the legendary Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. check out there video here -->


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  • I really wished i could drive the R32 GTR but im 13 ;w;

      1 month ago
    • Start saving now, buy GTR when you turn 20. (not as a first car, dont wanna wreck it)


        30 days ago
    • I’ve been doing that but, thx

        29 days ago
  • Imma let u decide: which is better on the r32: white or black? (sry i sounded kinda racist...eugh..)

      28 days ago


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