eagle announces the new lightweight gt

The fourth and most exciting car of the Eagle line-up is finally here

1y ago

We've all seen the films of Clarkson cruising along British B-roads in the Speedster and dancing the Low-drag GT around the the Top Gear test track, simultaneously falling in love with the elegant machines just as he did. Well, now Eagle have assembled a new unobtainium E-type for us to lust after, the Lightweight GT.

"The Eagle Lightweight GT is the ultimate road-going evolution of one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful race cars, Jaguar’s Lightweight E-type."

eagle gb

As the name suggests, the Lightweight GT is simply the heart-throb ’63 Lightweight E-type racer re-imagined and crafted into what’s likely to be the ultimate grand tourer.

Eagle takes the chassis of a series 1 E-type for the basis of the Lightweight GT. Durable aluminium is painstakingly morphed into a more aerodynamic Lightweight homage body, over the course of 2,500 hours. Larger, more pronounced wheel arches house the gorgeous 16” peg-drive magnesium wheels.

Sitting eagerly in the front of the car is a 4.7 litre aluminium block straight-6 with forged internals and fuel injection, with a peak of 380 hp at 5750 rpm, torque reaches 375 lb ft at 4000 rpm, both of these figures steadily rise from the engines idle speed with seamless power bands. Mated to the engine is a remastered 5-speed synchromesh.

The vehicle is suspended on Ohlins dampers, bespoke to the car and thoroughly developed for optimum refinement. The comfort is continued on into the cabin with a stunningly crafted and upholstered interior, every single minuscule detail has been well thought out for maximum ergonomic value.

Expect some reports on how this beauty drives to come soon, Andrew Frankel and Jeremy Clarkson have already experienced its blend of speed and refinement.

So, if anybody here has a spare £800,000 lying around be sure to give Eagle a call and begin your own individual commission for the ultimate classic GT car, but bear in mind only four of these will be built per year, so be quick!

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  • it's gorgeous and it goes like stink, love the blue. and the white wheels.

      3 months ago