Eagle is here....

And here's everything to know about the company.

5w ago

So first of all, thanks for everyone who commented on my previous post about making a company, I've already started to use a few of the ideas in the first car we will release. However, your here to know everything about this company...

Background (I just made this up)

Eagle is a company that was founded in the UK in 2021. It has strong ties with JLR and Mercedes.

What cars will we make?

As a company Eagle will make average cars that you can drive day to day, however also produces sportier variants of them. A bit like a VW, SEAT and Skoda sort of deal.

What's our first car?

The first Eagle car will be the Xcross, a small family SUV available in 3 trims, with up to 252bhp. Built to rival the VW Troc and Skoda Kamiq. (more on that at the weekend)

Where does that leave us?

So, this should be out on the 16th, and I have to finish designing the Xcross, so it should be revealed on the 17th at the earliest. As always any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, an d check the Design community tribe on the 17th to see the first model.

Also I realise this isnt much but I want to spend more time designing than anything else, its the best part of making the cars.

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