Early '50s Chevy Truck

While I was unable to get any pictures of the engine in this truck, I've seen it before and can report it has a turbocharged LS engine. The rough look is in and it is understandable why. It requires, no work, but the most important part is it keeps the hard earned scars that every truck must earn. This truck is no exception.

Other than new rims, new bumpers, a new grill and a pair of mystery tail lights, this truck is stock appearing.

It looks like it has new headlight rings and possibly a new rear view mirror!

This body style was made by Chevy from 1947 to 1954. I have no idea how many were made, but I suspect they are all still around. This one is rough, but it wears its age and use very well!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Do you like the rough look or do you wish it would end already?

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Art by: Chris Breeden

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