East Kirkby Props & Pistons 2019

A review of East Kirkby's popular Props & Pistons event back in August.

As with all of the Props & Pistons events, there is a huge mix of different cars, trucks and bikes on show. Something for everyone!

One of the cars on show - a GT40 in a lovely light blue.


Easily my favourite car on display - the Matra 650. The colour, the looks -its a fantastic car! A 1969 classic racer, with the period drivers proudly presented on the side, couldn't look any better on a sunny (but hot!) August day.


Inside the hangar sat a Gibbs-Bentley special - an incredible looking car finished in polished bare-metal.


Outside sat a line-up of motoring greats. The Dino (one of two at the show!) was in good company with the modern supercars.

Two iconic front-ends

Two iconic front-ends





As the cars were restricted to walking-pace on site, I decided a 1/15th shutter speed would be necessary to capture the action.


Obviously I couldn't write this article without showing my other passion - aviation!

I hoped you enjoyed this article, it's a little throwback to when the country was boiling instead of freezing! It's my first post in a while on here, and I've got some exciting things planned for next year - starting with Bicester Heritage's Sunday Scramble on January 5th.

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Comments (5)

  • Nice pics but allow me one little gripe: silver the cars you show our things we don't get to see very often and while I think I understand the artistic image of the close-ups and I appreciate seeing the details from time to time those are rare enough Birds that we would like to see the whole car. Maybe a 3/4 shot with a couple of close up to each time instead of as so many close-ups?

      1 year ago
    • cheers for the feedback! i’ll definitely try and use more angles next time i shoot, a mix of close ups and wider shots. when i was editing these photos i wasn’t too impressed with them either. but thanks for the advice 🙌🙌

        1 year ago
    • Thanks for me allowing me to be selfish, LOL

        1 year ago
  • Fantastic pictures! And the weather looks a lot warm than now

      1 year ago