E​aster Egg Hunt: Forza Horizon 5 Trailer

A​ll the hidden details, messages, meanings and easter eggs from our first look at FH5

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A​fter its extremely exciting launch at E3 this year Forza Horizon 5 has sparked everyone's interest, however, we only got a 2 minute trailer and a very small amount of gameplay. None he less, in this article I'll be unpicking all the hidden Easter eggs from both.

T​he Trailer

T​he first few scenes in the trailer are all about setting the scene and giving away the location for the new game. The scenes become more and more obvious as to where in the world this this, starting with the cliffs by the sea, then the palm trees which progress to the jungle then to a plain with a mountain in the background and cacti surrounding it and finally some more cacti and some canyons. These all also relate to the past of Forza Horizon games, the cliffs by the sea with the beautiful beach is reminiscent of horizon 3 set in Australia at the twelve apostles, then the palm trees are similar to those of horizon 2 by the sea side in the south of France and the meadow with flowering bushes is very similar to horizon 4 and its trailer in fact, however this time with a Mexican twist.

T​here first few scenes also are showing off some of the hard work on graphics the team have put in. The light creating dappled shadows through the trees in the jungle is hinting at some new lighting systems which have been incorporated. These were revealed yesterday when it was stated that the team sent out 12K HD cameras to record 400 hours of sky's and light in Mexico to be implemented into the game. The puddle with rain pitter pattering in it shows the diverse weather of Mexico but also represents the new localised weather horizon 5 will feature, this will mean different parts of the map will have different weather conditions.

T​hen we get our first look at the cover car for the game, the AMG Project One. It drops down into race mode and shows off its movable louvred fenders before taking off into the desert. In this scene we are also given a glimpse at a new biome: sand dunes. The Project One delivers a very interesting sound that seems very fruitful rather than the flat and rather soulless sounds we are used to from horizon 4.

T​hen we get the first look at the city which utilises a massive increase in detail, even including a motorbike parked on the side of road... Motorbikes coming to FH5? Then the trailer cuts to a seaside town were a bunch of cars are lined up like a car meet, this coincides with the spirit of the new horizon tour feature where players team up and drive around the map together completing challenges. Then we get our first look at the second cover car, the new Ford Bronco.

A​t this point the music is saying "tell me what you want and I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm not giving up c'mon we've got nothing left to lose" to me this relates to how Forza hasn't made a new game since horizon 4 in 2018 and there only other offering was the dismal Forza street. For this, Forza copped a lot of negativity and the tone, coupled with those lyrics gives me the impression Forza is saying "yes it took a while but you will taking that negativity back soon, just you wait its worth it" because fans have been begging for a new game for ages and Forza have finally delivered.

A​fter this we get some nice vistas with a rally 911 driving through with the new volcano in the background, which we'll discuss later. The scene then cuts to a McLaren 720 driving through a storm which again relates to the new weather system in the game. The following scenes are quite the display of biomes, with a Land Rover Defender driving through a jungle, then a Porsche Taycan drifting through a desert, both new cars in new biomes. When the buggies start driving across the dunes you can see a small oasis in the distance but behind this you see a huge mountain range with lots of depth which really shows the scale of this huge new map.

T​he scene then cuts to a C8 Corvette wearing a wide body kit from a brand new company we've never seen in the franchise before driving into a sand storm which shows off a new feature to solve the problem of Mexico not having snow in winter. Instead, FH5 will have a dry season in winter with sand storms and more. Loud triumphant music comes on as a bunch of off-roaders climb the side of the volcano and look down to see it, the fact the volcano has appeared in so many scenes makes me think it will be a crucial and central part to this map, maybe an awesome centre piece or something. This last scene has a Forza Horizon 5 logo on it and then the music takes up another notch and really makes you feel hyped and open the question to the viewer "so, what do you think. Worth the wait?".

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  • The project one hasn’t actually been confirmed for the cover car, playground games announced they’d confirm in august, so maybe the cover car hasn’t been unveiled yet

      1 month ago