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Easy Car Cosplay Ideas

Become your favorite car with these women's cosplay ideas that aren't just costumes.

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Halloween is coming up, and the costume ideas for car lovers can range from racing uniforms to boxy kids’ “Transformers” kits, but what if you want to be a little subtler?

What if you want something that will work for a costume party, cosplay event, or even a dinner date? Since this October seems to consist primarily of planning for next year’s fun, there is plenty of time to put together these four car-inspired outfits for women, suitable for any time of year.

For each of these ensembles, I’ve included some basic pieces that you could find at a variety of shops from second-hand fashion stores to more expensive department stores to good old online Amazon or other retailers.

Here, they are, ladies and gentleman, complete with a horrible campy "runway" narrative:


"When you see that bright flash of red coming, it can only mean the high class, high cost, high speed world of Ferrari. You need a long, flowy, classic evening gown. Add some bright yellow pumps. Keep your hair piled high with an accessory sporting the colors of the flag of Italy. You’re a Ferrari, after all. Be proud.”

(Fashion hint: place a black horse charm on a black ribbon for an accessory).


“Lamborghinis also want speed, but they have a wild side, that will show with a slightly shorter skirt and fashion t-shirt. Wear with black-and-yellow high tops and black leggings, as well as some matching bangle bracelets. You’re not prey, but a predator and ready to pounce.”

(Fashion hint: If you can’t find a logo t-shirt, print out a logo on iron-on paper and create your own, which is probably much cheaper anyway.)

Rolls Royce

“Let’s be honest, of you’re a Rolls Royce, you’re also likely ‘rolling in the cash,’ and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because you’re worth it. Stay classic with a sensible grey and black matching skirt and suit jacket ensemble, and spiffy bowler hat, but stay sexy with high black stiletto pumps. Add some “wings” pin on either your hat or lapel, and let everyone know who the real Spirit of Ecstasy is.”

(Fashion hint: Any plain black t-shirt or tank will work with the suit and skirt)


“When you’re a McLaren, you know you’re in charge, and you don’t have time for people to guess who the boss is as you "Dream, Believe and Achieve" the perfect look. Some high boots, sleek pants, and tank top let them know. Add a white scarf wrap for your racing stripe and attending cooler events.”

(Fashion hint: If you can’t find earrings that look similar to McLaren logos, oval red earrings will work).

“There are you, whether going out haunting or staying in hosting, these designs are guaranteed to turn a few heads, and rev a few engines!”

Or just look very cool.

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