Easy on the eyes - Ultrabox BMW 2002

The difference between a good car build and a great car build is all in the attention to detail.

4y ago

To create something truly exceptional a craftsman must have his mind fixed on the smallest detail. Hirotaka Fujiwara of Ultra Box, Hiroshima has gone from bumper to bumper on his BMW 2002tii and created possibly the Nirvana of Bavarian automotive builds.

It is a blend of detailed German engineering with a heavy dose of traditional Japanese tuning dusted across the top. The result is simply stunning, and quite possibly the most clean, and detailed build I have ever laid eyes on. Since 2002, Fujiwara-san has been creating European builds, and created this 2002tii firstly as his dream car, but also as a living representation of Ultra Box and the fine craftsmanship customers can expect.

For some the BMW x Hakosuka mix is as crazy as wearing an Armani suit to a food fight, but for some reason it just works so perfectly. The gold on oak green smattered with chrome trim just screams class, and the aerodynamic enhancements are aggressive yet they don’t compromise the minimalistic German aesthetics. Fujiwara-san has struck the perfect balance of shock and awe in automotive form. Without a doubt the wing and in-your-face exhaust setup are two very unique features of the build. Perfect lobster-tail welding allows the 80mm exhaust to sit horizontally underneath the chrome rear bumper balancing out the aggressive look that flows forward.

If you thought the exterior looked clean then you just need to take a look at the interior. If there was a crown jewel on this 2002 then the interior is certainly it. A classic Japanese sport-styled office in full red on black leather is the order of the day. White muted stitching adorns the curvature of the interior lines, and finishes everything off perfectly. Fully refurbished gauges, Cobra classic seats, a Weicher’s half-cage, and deep-dish steering wheel finish the interior off perfectly. Much like the rooms at the Ritz, no inch of this interior was left; the quality of workmanship is second to none.

After my jaw hit the pavement as I surveyed the interior, Fujiwara-san grinned and popped the bonnet. I had no doubt in my mind that the enginebay would be a total work of art, although how far had he taken it was the burning question? I don’t know why I was yet again surprised; the BMW M10 is fed by dual 45mm Weber carbs, making for a crisp rough bark at full throttle. Once again, no detail is overlooked in the engine bay either. Every detail has been carefully thought out, from the polished velocity stacks, to the innovative header cover and the stunning gold-plated pull ring perched out the top of the bonnet. The car isn’t just a showpony either, you will often find this 2002 stretching its legs at local circuits, and Fujiwara-san isn’t a slouch on the gas pedal either.

The final, finishing feature that sets the build off is the shoes that adorn the 2002. Beautiful 16 inch Hayashi Racing Tyre CR wheels are the order of the day, although in true Ultra Box style they are not exactly stock. Loosing the traditional black highlights to take on some bright gold accents just ties this build up perfectly. These are then wrapped in grippy Pirelli rubber all held together by Ultra Box custom coilovers running spring rates stiffer than a set of Japanese rules.

Roll all this out of the garage and onto the street, and you cause a slight commotion. You can’t help but have your attention stolen as you ride past on your bike, or trip on the gutter because you aren’t looking where you are walking. It is refreshing to see that in Japan people are looking outside the borders for inspiration and infusions from abroad resulting in super-original and beautiful creations.

Although without a doubt the most incredible thing is witnessing a work of art where every single inch of the car has been included into the master plan. This has resulted in the Ultra Box 2002tii being not an amazing work of art, but an exceptional one.

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Comments (63)

  • Why isn't this in Shitty Car Mods? Looks like the suspensions collapsed and it's on stupid tyres, with a horribly ugly spoiler. That exhaust, too. Hideous. It needs to be saved.

      3 years ago
  • “When a Honda owner finally gets ahold of money.”

    This is just an awful build. The retarded stance is incredibly offputting. The colour is stomach-churning, and the fuckboy mods bolted all over the car make it look like a kid has been spending his allowance on Chinese ebay parts. This site continues to roll downhill like they parked without engaging their emergency brake.

      3 years ago
  • I get that some people don’t like this style of modification and I also get that you may think they “ruined” the car. But don’t you think especially because all of us are car people that we can appreciate it knowing that someone loves that car just as much as you love yours. I just dont see why we can’t just appreciate other cars than the ones we’ve limited ourselves to love.

      3 years ago
  • Suspension and tires ruined it.

      3 years ago
  • Why do people bother to share their negativity? Car looks great. For those who said he ruined it, maybe you can fix an old beat-up bmw to make up for it.

      3 years ago