eBay finds #1

Just thought I'd share some of my recent diecast finds from eBay

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Hey LALD. This is an experimental post, which may become a series if people like it. I'm just testing the waters and posting this one to see how it's received. So, let's get into it!

It's nice buying a new model, but there is some cool, and unusual stuff to be found when buying second hand. I've found some interesting stuff while browsing eBay recently and thought why not share it on here?

Cararama Isuzu Vehicross (1:43)

I've always liked the Vehicross, it's one of the few SUVs I'd actually buy (if I could somehow get one in the UK). Finding a scale model of one cheap on eBay was great, and in a colour I liked too.

Minichamps Ford Focus "break" (estate) 1998 (1:43)

You may have seen my recent post about finding a model car just like my dad's (yes I know shameless plug). Well, I recently found an estate version of the mk1 Focus going for a reasonable price, and got a successful bid on it. It was much cheaper than the previous one I found as well.

Corgi Vanguards McRae DJM R4 (1:43)

There is a fascinating story about the development and creation of this car, which you can read here in an excellent article by Harry Neill. It's pretty cool having a miniature version of this car, but also a tragic reminder of the passing of Colin McRae.

DelPrado Renault Spider (1:43)

I saw this going cheap and thought why not. It may only be a magazine model, but it's a nice one nevertheless. Something a little different for my collection.

Cararama Lexus RX300 (1:43)

Older Cararama models seem to be plentiful and affordable on eBay. They may not be the most detailed but display nicely nevertheless. This Lexus is finished in a nice shade of green and is another unusual addition to the collection.

Thanks for reading my post! Any feedback or other comments are welcomed :)

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  • Oh man that VehiCross!

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