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Ecclestone talks about F1 journey as series/team boss & more on podcast

The former F1 boss gets as candid as possible on the podcast.

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The 38th episode of Beyond The Grid has Bernie Ecclestone talk about his journey in F1 as a team and series boss, his relation with drivers, life and more.

Here's a gyst of what all was discussed in the new episode of Beyond The Grid podcast having Ecclestone:

- It started with where Ecclestone talks about what does he do now, where he says 'all sorts of things' which includes coffee in Brazil

- Ecclestone said he is enjoying life as a 'farmer'

- They talked about how, even in retirement, he is close with teams, and is still involved in F1

- He liked bringing F1 to new places like Malaysia, and Singapore

- Ecclestone reflects on his time running F1, which he did not ever expect to do as he expresses his early annoyance with the networks running the coverage of races

- He credits Ferrari with F1's greatness

- Talks about his relationship with Enzo, which was good, despite language barriers

- Ecclestone mentions how driving cars and riding motorcycles brought him to F1, where he also talks about his attempts to get into F1 as a driver, which failed because he says he wasn’t serious enough about it

- He said he initially had no intention of running a team

- Talks about the loss of Jochen Rindt, which hit him hard because of their close relationship. He added Rindt was a joker, citing an anecdote when he left him atop a mountain

- Ecclestone credits Sid Watkins with improved safety in F1

- Says he remembers Niki Lauda as someone you could trust, and someone who was fast when you needed him to be. They also discussed that Ecclestone asked Lauda to quit once he was no longer committed, not wait. He also stated that Belson Piquet was easier to handle than Lauda.

- Ecclestone then spoke about his relationship with Ayrton Senna, as they were friends, who met at Paul Ricard for testing - a day when the Brazilian blew him away. He revealed why they didn’t take Senna early on because they had Piquet.

- He believes that Senna was instrumental in improving safety as he discussed the emotions of the weekend at Imola in 1994. He also mentions how Senna’s death brought new fans to F1, weirdly and spoke about his own relationship with Senna.

- They then moved to talk about his role in many F1 teams, as an advisor-like figure. He believes Jean Todt saved Ferrari.

- They joked on the sprinkler idea in F1 races while also went in detail on the decision to buy Brabham. More details on the fan car was discussed after earlier podcast talks.

- He then compared Gordon Murray to Collin Chapman as he talked about life after Brabham, which he reveals that he sold initially to Alfa Romeo.

- There was a discussion on his management style of F1, in which he was not confrontational. Denied his desire for money ever getting in the way of what was right for his sport.

- They then started talking about his financials of F1 as he also touched on his love of tennis, and his accidental involvement with a soccer team, which he did not like

- Talking about the biggest thing he got right in his career was getting F1 on TV.

- They mentioned the 2005 US GP, which Ecclestone disagreed with Max Mosely about running the race, which he knew would only have five runners.

- Discussed his heart issue, which he is recovering from and explained his choice to ‘sell’ F1, which was prompted by the heatlh issue.

- Also, he doesn’t believe he or Lewis Hamilton should be knighted, as he also said he himself has no legacy.

The podcast can be listened, here.

[Image courtesy: Sky Sports F1] [Note: This story was also written by Duncan Leahy and edited by me on FormulaRapida.net]

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