E.C.D. Project Phantom Spotted in Eugene, Oregon

One off custom Land Rover came to town, I saw it on a Target run.

I know the parking situation wasn't ideal, but I saw this & HAD to photograph it.This is the ECD Automotive Design Project Phantom, a 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 NADA.

As follows from their website on its specifications:

Engine — LS3 565 HP

Suspension — ECD Air with Silver Shocks

Brakes – Fast

Paint Color — Metal Grey

Dash Style — Black leather throughout out dash with orange stitching & glove box top in orange leather with orange stitching

Seat Design — Lamborghini Orange Interior

Seat Layout & Style – 2+2

Steering Wheel — MOMO Model 78 Steering Wheel, Black, Suede, 330mm

Gauges – Moal Bomber set

Custom Headliner – Rolls Royce Style Custom LED Light Headliner

This was sold through McLaren of Charlotte, NC according to the temp tag, and is now in Eugene, Oregon on North Carolina registration.

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  • This outfit does good work. I've seen a write up about them in another publication. Impressive work. Prices are steep but you get what you pay for with these. LS swap. Upgraded everything. It's a new vehicle. It's packin more heat and more comfort. Still maintains capabilities ish. It's more meant for on-road posing but damn it looks good. I'd pose in one of these given the coin. NOT cheap. Quarter M.

      26 days ago