Eco-stang on the prairies

2y ago


In 2013 I had the pleasure of running one of Ford's eco-boosted Mustangs about the Alberta countryside. My review in its entirety, can be found here on my website

Particularly tasty in red, the 320 hp turbo-4 managed to be rather photogenic under the spotlight. Here are some of the prettier Kodaks from that feature;

Aggressive elements adorn all corners

En profile

So angry


Anniversary edition features bday stuff everywhere!

Bit of early light painting here

Mustangs abound on the anniversary car

Panda hugging 4-banger

Swanky 50th Anniversary interior

Seat embroidery ensures drivers don't forget the car's birthday

Autobox equipped


Semi-official vehicle of the Calgary Stampede

Mustang signature back side

Basking in the foothills of the Rockies

Red White and Stang

Coincidentally, our local football club shares similar ponies

Eco-boosted Stang puts out 320 hp via the turbo-charged 4-banger

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