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Ed Bolian & VINwiki log every Cannonball Run record

Every Cannonball run attempt all in one place.

1y ago

Ed Bolian of Cannonball Run record fame when he broke the record in 2013 has been an encyclopedia of Cannonball record knowledge ever since. He has obviously been beaten since his attempt, but where as others with cable TV shows try to disclaim every record attempt after theirs he genuinely wants to get the information out there to keep it alive.

Ed Bolian, Dave Black, Dan Huang set the outright record in 2013 in a 2004 Mercedes CL55 AMG

Bolian and his company VINwiki recently compiled every bit of Cannonball record info into a spreadsheet for you to maybe plot your personal attempt with. The spreadsheet features, dates, the cars, the drivers, the times, video if available, then a whole bunch of data that might make you able to make your own attempt.

Check out Bolian and VINwiki's Google spreadsheet: HERE

NOTE - DRIVETRIBE and this writer do not recommend, condone, and whatever other legal words that keep me out of trouble any high speed cross country attempts. (...but they are still really cool.)

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  • @Jake “Jack” Savoie

      1 year ago
  • imagine they accidentally unmask some of those idiots too early... would that be fun

      1 year ago