Edd China Speaks About His Future. Sneers At Mike Brewer In The Process

He's in Southern California Clearing Out His Desk

3y ago


There has been a lot of drama between these two since Edd China and Mike Brewer, hosts of Wheeler Dealers, decided to part ways two months ago. China left due to a disagreement in the show’s direction. The Velocity executives felt the workshop section of the show were too difficult to produce, and a reduction of the role and substance would reduce production costs, time, and effort. China felt this would compromise the show and his integrity and has decided to move on, letting Ant Antstead from For The Love Of Cars take on the role.

Then the fallout began and started in the form of internet keyboard warriors harassing Mike Brewer's family in response to China's departure:

"Now, Mike called me at the weekend and told me that over the past few days; not only he, but also his wife and daughter had been receiving a lot of abuse and even death threats, because of my leaving the show, and that’s really NOT cool."

Not too long ago, Brewer was suckered by internet trolls on Twitter and tweeted this gem, which was deleted very shortly after:

Now, China has finally gone to YouTube to begin his AskEdd episodes by thanking the tens of thousands of fans and answering questions. He is seen in the video waiting to pick up his belongings from the Southern California studio, and he didn't waste an opportunity to throw some quick shade at Mike Brewer's direction regarding labor rates.


It sounds like the possibilities are endless for China and we're looking forward to the fantastic builds that he'll do in the future. We'll be sure to cover them here! Stick around, and subscribe to our Drivetribe!

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Comments (82)

  • Edd's the only reason why I tune into that show.

      3 years ago
  • With Edd's expert capabilities, his rates in the real world would have rendered almost every build unprofitable. I never could understand why that was never accounted for. Amateur mechanics could not pull off what he could, especially without a lift, lots of tools, and a great working knowledge of the 'quirks' of the cars. It's pretty easy to buy a car that needs help, but quite another to actually make something of it. The only reason I watched was to see how Edd diagnosed and solved the many problems the cars had. He is a talent. Sorry to see the show go in some ways, but hope Edd will come back with his own ideas and a format that is even better.

      3 years ago
  • Edd how about you and Aaron from gas monkey garage get together and do a show.

      3 years ago
  • I'd like to point out, James may has hinted that his time on the grand tour may be short lived. I'd like to see edd step into that roll?

      3 years ago
  • i thought the hole point of wheeler dealers was Ed China he is a fantastic mechanic and i really enjoyed watching him work i found him very informative i am at college on a level 3 course in mechanics and i would love to work on the classics like Ed did he's the sort of person i would like to work with

      2 years ago