- Look at it.... Just Look at it

Sitting proudly on a shelf in my bedroom there is a model of an EJ14 basking in its own glorious yellow livery complete with "Be on edge" sponsorship, this car was the last Jordan produced before the team was purchased by the "Midland Group" and I think this is a shame as I think the Jordan team is sorely missed in the F1 paddock.

As a proud Irishman I can find it difficult to find a team/driver to support so the Jordan team provided a great link to the sport.

If your going to talk about the Jordan team you have to talk about it's owner, The brilliant and batshit crazy Eddie Jordan. A self proclaimed "Irish chancer", Rockstar, ruthless businessman and in my opinion, great pundit. nowadays your average team principle is very quiet says the same stuff in every interview and runs everything in a very ordered and perfect manner nothing exciting.... The same can not be said for Eddie, I don't think any of the team principles are going to have their own bloody rock band or tv show or energy drink.

Working from the ground up Eddie Jordan went from working in a bank to testing a F1 car for Mclaren to then running his own racing team on a shoe string budget and then to winning Grand Prix, that alone is an inspiration but what I love is the fact that he did it his way and never tried to hide his eccentricities. Running from bailiffs, chasing sponsors down, discovering some truly great drivers and even winning races, a proper underdog come good story.

Recently in the era of sky sports dominating the coverage of F1 I have really started to miss Eddie Jordan on my screen with his brilliant but mostly wrong pearls of wisdom and his entirely awful collection of shirts. The chemistry between him and David Coulthard shone through and I was thoroughly disappointed when it was announced that EJ would leave Channel 4 to do the Reincarnation of Top Gear with Chris Evans and Joey on the BBC and when I come to power , which I will, Mr Jordan will be put back into F1 punditry on my orders.

You can't talk about Jordan without mentioning Spa 1998 one of the most mental races of all time. The monumental shunt on lap 1 with both Jordans somehow sneaking through unscathed, Michael Schumacher walking away with it until he rammed into the back of DC's Mclaren then chasing him down like he's just kidnapped his wife only being held back by a number of mechanics. Then Jordan team orders gifting Damon Hill the teams first win. The pure jubilation and excitement of Eddie, running, dancing and jumping around the paddock like a lunatic, simply brilliant.

So, Eddie, I imagine you aren't reading this but if you are reading this in your mansion I would like to thank you for many memories and moments and also letting a young Irish F1 fan with aspirations far above his station that, You can work your way from the bottom right to the very top without compromising anything about yourself.....Thank you.

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