Weekend shows are always the best and edition didn't disapoint

Edition 38, held at the start of September see's the end of the summer show season creeping up. Evenings are beginning to grow shorter and and coats become more of a regularity, but none of that stops the thousands of people who make the pilgrimage to Overstone Park, Northampton from all corners of the U.K and regions of Europe, year on year it has a quality turn out.

It started with the Frome side of the family driving up there Friday afternoon and the joys of the M25 at that time of the week. Loaded with everyone's tents, food, drink, chairs and a huge gazebo we were prepared for the weekend ahead. Once there we got escorted to where the rest of the Eurocartel club were camping, a decent spot under a tree which conveniently had a dead animal rotting in.. This didn't matter though as the sun was out, cars all parked up, tents were going up and BBQs lit.

Friday night is always the quiet one, spent catching up with friends you may not have seen for a while or just having a laugh with more familiar faces. Either way it typically ends around a camp fire. Jake's squad support Mk3 wagon earned its keep supplying the fire quite literally... To the marshals annoyance.

Saturday morning started with a bang, Charlie drove his static BMW E28 around the campsite to park it by the Show & Shine and managed to smash a hole in the oil sump for the second weekend running, beaching the car right at the entrance to the show in a puddle of oil. It certainly gave the Saturday show-comers something to look at whilst driving in, fortunately the support wagon saved the day yet again. Splitter off and tow bar on a walk of shame back through the camping proceeded and the car dumped in a sorry state.

Not long after the Welsh side of the crew arrived, moved into their conveniently pre-erected tents and we went for a mooch around the S&S. A great selection of VAG cars filled the main show field and a hole host of trade stands were there.

Scotts R32 p.c - Mark Rodway

Scotts R32 p.c - Mark Rodway

Unfortunately rain soon fell and drove us all back to the tents. So while Charlie was under his car piecing his sump back together with chemical metal everyone was going to and from different spots on the campsite seeing different people.

That night sees a few more drinks consumed than Friday, things get rowdier and some fire dance moves get thrown in the party tent. Good times. Sunday mornings don't start slowly because of this though! A lot of day trippers are soon to arrive and the Show & Shine field gets filled quickly. Hundreds of top show cars are there to get close to and its great to see some European plates. The VW members of the FWM were of course in amongst it.

Jake's MK2 p.c - Si Jelf Photography

Jake's MK2 p.c - Si Jelf Photography

Sam's Mk2 p.c - Mark Rodway

Sam's Mk2 p.c - Mark Rodway

The stage provides some afternoon entertainment and insights into some of the cars and people there. After a long weekend its nice to pitch up a chair a sit down for a few hours.

As Sunday draws to a close, tents slowly disappear from the camping field and crowds grow thinner, we mustered the effort to start the journey back home. Everyone said their goodbyes for the time being, Charlie put even more oil back in his BMW, and we headed home.

A good weekend had, we'll sure be back in 2017.

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