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Editor´s choice: Five alternatives to the electric Honda e

In the market for a Honda e? Here are 5 alternatives we think you should consider, some more probable then others...

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As a car, the Honda e is the gadget to have in 2020, that was our conclusion after driving one of the most anticipated electric cars in years. But what else is on the market? We did some sigging around and came up with 5 alternatives to the Honda e.

Maarten: Hyundai i10 N-Line

Hyundai i10 N-Lin

Hyundai i10 N-Lin

The Honda e is of course great, but how much is it worth to you? If you don't have to drive something super hip and electric, then take a look at the Hyundai i10. The new model for 2020 is only 20 cm shorter than the Honda e, but the trunk is much larger (252 against 171 liters). The i10 is a lot lighter at 900 kilos. If you take the 100hp N-Line version, you have more horsepower per kilo than the Honda e as well! With the most powerful engine, the Hyundai i10 is still around 15,000 Euro cheaper than the cheapest Honda e . You can buy a lot of gasoline for that!

Merijn: Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric

The Twingo Electric will not be a direct competitor of the Honda e, but will certainly play an important role in the electric market. Proven technology and a competitive price should ensure a new sales success for the French car brand Renault. The fact that the fully electric Renault Twingo can't fast charge should not be a problem in this segment. Thanks to the integrated Cameleon charger, it can charge the maximum capacity in most public charging stations! According to Renault, you can drive around 270 kilometers in the city, more than enough for your daily shopping.

Joeri: MINI Electric

MINI Electric

MINI Electric

My alternative to the Honda e is the MINI. Both the fuel and electric MINI. In terms of a cult car, the Honda e harks back to the Honda Civic from the 1970s, just as the MINI harkens back to Sir Alec Issigonis's original MINI of 1959. The MINI has evolved (read: bigger, but also safer) in recent years. The Honda Civic has grown into a sharp-lined Japanese Manga drawing. The Honda e harks back to the original Civic, but with a modern touch and ditto drive.

Danny: Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot comes with a very valuable voltage variant of their B-segment car with the E-208. Not only on styling but also on performance, because with a 0-100 km/u time of 8.2 seconds it's the fastest new 208 at the moment. Where the Honda E is clearly an electric car, Peugeot lets the E-208 just be another variant of their hatchback. The interior is 100% Peugeot, complete with distinctive piano keys and the quirky compact steering wheel. With a starting price of only € 500 more, the E-208 is the better choice in every way, except for an aquarium screensaver ...

Wildcard: Hong Guang Mini EV

Hong Guang Mini EV

Hong Guang Mini EV

We are always in for some remarkable cars. After all, today's excentric will become tomorrow's normal. The Hong Guang MINI EV describtion will be just like the car, very short... Retro Kei-car looks, electric drive, starting price of € 3500. That is almost 10 times cheaper than the Honda e! The 50,000 orders that they've already received prove that the car also sells about 10 times as quickly. The only problem? You have to get it from China, the MINI EV is not for sale in Europe, yet...

Which one do you like best? Let me know what your thoughts are and for more articles on creative alternatives, click here!

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  • I am just not impressed with the Honda e. I expect more for the price. It would either have double the range or 2/3 the price. The Hyundai looks really nice though, as does the e-208.

      1 month ago
  • That's why we came up with these alternatives, a little bit of everything for everyone.

      1 month ago


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