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Hello, and welcome to our tribe. Now that we have over 10,000 members (thank you everyone), I figured I should write something official and introduce ourselves as you may be wondering who are these eGarage folks and what do they do. Well, quite simply we are a small team of car nuts and filmmakers that decided to put our two passions together and do something we love for a living. We make all kinds of automotive content, sometimes for companies and brands and other times because we just want to make something cool. Our love of car culture drives everything we do, and storytelling is our way of exploring and sharing it.

Our mobile office. Trying my best to hustle a Kia minivan around VIR chasing some Porsches. Coffee is requisite in these situations..

Over the past few years we've been lucky enough to shoot in all kinds of locations and meet some amazing people. From Mike who embarked on a mission to ride his Honda Ruckus through every state, to Rudy who is attempting to attain one of every color Porsche 911 made by the factory, everyone has their own unique story and experiencing that firsthand is one of the best things about what we do. Have a look at some of our videos that have already been uploaded or look at our site egarage.com and you'll get the gist.

RED Scarlet-W getting dusty on our Ariel Nomad shoot.

What can you expect from us here on DRIVETRIBE? No car reviews or spotter pics here. This will be a place for us to share our work as well as how we make it. If you like interesting car stories or filmmaking you should join! I'll be posting regularly with new content and keeping you informed of what's coming up. Hope you enjoy.

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Our 2015 reel. A small example of what we do