I visited The National Motor Museum (in Birdwood, South Australia) today to run a chore and took some photos while I was there.

LIterally just as I was walking out the door, A couple of Car Clubs rocked up and parked on the lawns.

One of the clubs was the EH Holden Club - so here are their cars! (Apologies to anyone who rolled up late and didn't get their picture taken - don't sleep in next time lazybones!)

Holden EH Bits

The Holden EH was built in Australia by General Motors-Holden from 1963 to 1965.

The EH was the first Holden to have 7-Bearing Main Cranak (Earlier models had 4 bearings).

Two engines were available over the life of the model - initially a 149 CUbic Inch, and later a 179.

256,959 EH Holdens were built.

Various trim levels were represented by different models - including the Standard Sedan, the Special, and the Premier.

Utility and Panel Van versions were also available.

The "S4 Special" model was the first Holden homologated for Racing purposes. ONly 126 were produced.

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