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Eifel GP: FP2 suspended as well; Mercedes has another COVID-19 positive

The rain was relentless in FP2 as Mercedes faces another positive case.

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The F1 Eifel GP FP2 was also cancelled due to bad weather conditions as Friday saw no running, with Mercedes informing of another COVID-19 positive.

After the suspension of the FP1 session, the FP2 session saw a similar fate in F1 Eifel GP at Nurburgring as the weather conditions continued to derail the mood of the drivers, teams and also the fans, as they were left with just the one practice run before qualifying.

While rain wasn't a bigger issue to run but with the medical helicopter not being able to fly, it was a safety issue on the whole. They couldn't do it by road as the hospital is far off from the F1 circuit as like FP1, it started with a 30 minutes delay to proceedings.

After the initial delay, it was extended by another 30 minutes, post which it was decided that they won't be able to run at all. FIA Race Director noted about back-up plans for Saturday and Sunday, in case, the weather continues to disrupt the sessions.

With no track time in Eifel GP so far, the F1 teams and drivers would get little time to get back onto terms with the Nurburgring circuit, where they haven't visited for the last few seasons. They only have the FP3 session, which would be run in damp conditions too.

Mercedes updates on another COVID-19 positive:

Following their initial update on Thursday regarding one COVID-19 positive case, Mercedes confirmed another one on Friday, with one other inconclusive test after the team re-tested every member again. Four other had negative results but they won't work this weekend.

With seven members down, Mercedes called upon six to replace them from the UK to Germany for Eifel GP, so that their work isn't hampered. "Following yesterday's positive test, the entire team was retested yesterday in Germany," stated a statement from them.

"All team members were negative apart from: one further positive, one inconclusive that is being retested. In line with protocols, four further team members, all of whom tested negative, will no longer be available to take part in the weekend.

"Six replacements have travelled from the UK and will fill the roles in the team. We have worked in close collaboration with the FIA and F1 throughout this process and will continue to do so," they summed up.

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Comments (18)

  • OMG they ask poor underpaid drivers to drive on rain?

    Do they know what will happened to crybaby Hamilton hair style in moist?

      11 months ago
    • In case you did not read, medical helicopter couldn't fly and so for safety reasons, it couldn't go on.

        11 months ago
    • Funny you should mention that. Same comments were made about "underpaid" Nikki Lauda, Ronnie Patterson and Patrick Depailler stand on 1st of August, 1976. Nikki Lauda had a bit of a something, I believe.

        11 months ago
  • Although it is not Nordschleife, it still is dangerous. I drove around Nordschleife in family station wagon at a road, not racing, speed and that was pretty scary. Also weather is unpredictable this time of the year. It could even be foggy.

      11 months ago