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Currently all carmaker's want a piece of the lucrative SUV market. Even Lamborghini has decided to get in on the act with its Urus Super SUV alongside the existing very tall and wide efforts from the likes of Bentley and Porsche.

Unbelievably, even Rolls-Royce and Ferrari will be building an SUV for the sole reason of not letting an all-important sale go to a rival carmaker. Mercifully though, some cars will thankfully never be turned into SUVs.

This hasn’t stopped the team down at Jennings Motor Group re-imagining some rather pretty cars as rather horrid looking SUVs.

Alfa Romeo 4C SUV Concept

Even proper petrolheads would have to agree that a tall and wide 4C looks a bit (very) frog-like.

McLaren 720S SUV Concept

The Woking-based outfit has repeatedly said that they will not enter the SUV market. Given for the way this 720S SUV looks, we fully support this decision.

BMW i8 SUV Concept

Again, if there was a car the world does not need, the i8 SUV is it. Please BMW; don’t make it as the normal i8 is more than enough.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage SUV Concept

If you were to pick one of these designs as ‘acceptable’ then the V12 Vantage is the one to go for.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 SUV Concept

Take a car that dominated the Nurburgring and turn it into a tall and wide SUV. No just no.

Ferrari 488 SUV Concept

This image proves that perhaps it’s a good thing that Ferrari is not in the SUV market at the moment.

Honda NSX SUV Concept

We were all thrilled to see the return of the NSX until we laid eyes on this horrid looking thing.

Ford Mustang SUV Concept

You can now slide your way out of Cars and Coffee narrowly missing innocent bystanders while sharing the terrifying ride with friends.

What are your thoughts on these SUV concepts? Are they eye-burningly wrong or the best thing you have ever seen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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