- Photographed in September 2018 at Adelaide's Concours de Lemons

El Diablo - 1960's Dragster

It is uncertain exactly when El Diablo was built, but it was purchased as a rolling chassis with a Flathead Ford in the late 1960's, named Rebel, subsequently fitted with a 332 Ford, and raced at Brooksfield, in Queensland, Australia.

When Brooksfield closed, the car was sold and renamed Cobra 1.

Again sold, and brought to WHyalla, South Australia, where a new chassis was built, and a 302 Ford Windsor V8 (with 289 heads) installed.

The rail was sold and renamed again to "Slightly Dangerous"

In 2017 the car was again moved on, renamed to "El Diablo" and given a make-over. New paint, rear wheels, zoomie headers and some safety features.

Essentially the same car built in the 60's, El Diable has run 9.88 in the 1/4, and 6.25 in 1/8 mile.

Possibly a supercharger coming soon, it's great to see an old girl like this active and loved!