El Diablo will keep number 20 in the 2022 season

Fabio Quartararo has in fact decided not to boast the number 1 in the next championship

11w ago

After a tough confrontation with Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio Quatararo managed to establish himself as the MotoGP world champion. This was possible not only for his remarkable skill, but also for some fortunate episodes such as the numerous crashes of the Italian rider which jeopardized his achievement of the world title.

After the victory, El Diablo could have boasted the prestigious number 1 to put on his bike in the 2022 season, but the French rider had another idea. Like other world champions, Quartararo has decided to keep his number in the next championship, continuing the tradition inaugurated by riders like Valentino Rossi.

Since the creation of the MotoGP, very few riders have decided to use the number 1 on their bikes after winning the world championship. The last was Casey Stoner in 2012 and was preceded only by Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo.

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