- Photographed in November 2018 at Auto Expo, Adelaide, South Australia

El Gringo - 7 Second Mazda RX-7

This Mazda FC RX-7 is a bit of a mover, having recorded multiple 7 second passes at the drag strip!

20B Mazda Rotary Power!

South Australian race car built by Mazsport Racing in NSW, Australia.

See and hear El Gringo at the link below!

You can see more about El Gringo on their Facebook Page - link below!

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  • Yea love rotors. So unique. Especially the sound when you start going into the different porting possibilities if your into that. Such great power delivery in them too. Feels instant. And can rev to the high heavens. Great spot

    1 month ago
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  • This is great! That sound is insane!

    1 month ago
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