El Mirage - Where Anything goes (fast)

2y ago


You'll see a big feature and gallery on this amazing event organised by the Southern California Timing Association soon, but I had to just post an image and video. Above is a Honda 600 that sounded utterly brilliant - a piercing scream that weirdly seemed to get louder as the car disappeared into the heat haze. It made me wonder what might make a brilliant and completely unlikely Land Speed car? 2CV, maybe?

Anyway, pretty much every shape and size of car was there, from this Honda to full on streamliners. Check out number 347 launching away from the line. It's in the BGR class - Blown Gas Roadster - and went on to do over 220mph in just over a mile. Just listen to the thing!

Play video

Shaky iPhone video, but you get the idea. If you ever get to California it's worth heading to El Mirage

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