Elderly man's classic car collection RUINED in Aleppo

2y ago


Mohammad Mohiuddin Anis, now 70, began collecting American cars when he was just a young man. His gleaming Cadillacs, Pontiacs and Buicks were once his pride and joy but now they have been reduced to damaged rusty shells, as the area of war-torn Aleppo that he lives was heavily bombarded when it was besieged.

His collection, which once consisted of 30 cars, has now been reduced to 20, as some were destroyed or stolen during the fighting. Thirteen cars are parked in front of his home and in the garden, but seven others have been impounded by police because they were blocking the road.

He has vowed to repair his cars now that the fighting has stopped after the army ousted rebels from the city in December.

Foreigners that have offered to buy his cars have been firmly turned down. "They are for my children. I will distribute them in keeping with (Muslim) religious (inheritance) law: two for each boy and one for each girl," he said. Anis has eight children and two wives. "I love cars because they are like women – beautiful and strong," he adds with a smile.

Mohammad Mohiuddin Anis inspects his 1957 Mercury Montclair - Image credit: Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1949 Hudson Commodor - Image credit: Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1955 Buick Super - Image credit: Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1947 Plymouth parked in the garden of Mohammad Mohiuddin Anis's home in Aleppo - Joseph Eid/AFP

Interior of the 1947 Plymouth - Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1948 Buick - Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1958 Chevrolet Apache truck - Joseph Eid/AFP

A 1948 Buick parked outside the home of Mohammad Mohiuddin Anis - Joseph Eid/AFP

This 1948 Buick parked outside the home of Mohammad Mohiedine Anis looks like it has an angry expression - Joseph Eid/AFP

1947 Cadillac - Joseph Eid/AF

Mohammad Mohiedine Anis opens the boot of his 1949 Hudson Commodore outside his home - Joseph Eid/AF