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1 old crotchrocket, run hard and put up wet + 84 volts X 450 amps = melted tires

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  • Thanks for the comments. I had a ton of fun building it, now looking forward to making some upgrades...

      4 years ago
  • "The beast demands sacrifice."/6th rule of the warrior

      4 years ago
  • that looks ace!

      4 years ago
  • Super retro

      4 years ago
  • Building an electric motorcycle is fairly straightforward, once you can wrap you head around the idea that you are connecting high voltage cables deep within your bike. It boils down to a motor, a battery, and a controller to send power from one to the other. The twist from your right hand adds acceleration just like on a gas bike. Single gearing means no clutch lever for your left hand, and no gear shifting for your foot.

    The bike weighs just a bit less than the standard one did back when it held gas. It is geared for acceleration off the line rather than a higher speed, something that is helped by the 70-odd lb/ft of torque that the motor develops from zero rpm. The controller is attached to a hinged heat sink that takes the place of a gas tank, and was carved down by hand in an attempt to mimic the lines of an old lyta sprint tank. The sprocket cover was cut from an old Montessa, the seat from a Triumph, and the headlight from the darkest reaches of the internet.

    Just like hot-rodding a gas bike, there is no end in sight for upgrades. A controller that can deliver 50% more amps is slatted as winter project, and batteries with more capacity are in the offing. It was built as an experiment to see if a regular guy with no bike building experience could pull it off, and it has turned into a mobile lab for having fun.

    1994 GSX-R

    D&D ES-16 motor

    Alltrax 7245 controller

    24s2p Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

    more info at www.evalbum.com/5125


      4 years ago