Electric cars are here to stay

And it's not just because of the environment

6d ago


I find it slightly strange that in certain circles, electric cars (or EVs) really ruffle a few feathers. Electric cars have clearly been on the rise in the last few years and they have improved. Around 15 or so years ago, EVs were only liked by a very niche sector of society and very few car fans really cared for them at all.

Flash forward to 2020 and electric cars are kind of fine. I don't really understand the fuss, they're still cars, aren't they? The argument against driverless cars is a different thing but that some people seem to link with EVs.

EVs are constantly improving, as I write this, I'm sure Tesla, Jaguar, BMW and whoever else have starting drawing up plans on a new electric car. But electric cars shouldn't just stick around because of the environment.

Beyond that, EVs represent a fascinating change in what makes a car, a car. Why shouldn't technology progress? Cars should be a constantly evolving aspect of our lives, you should turn your back on cars for all of five minutes only to return and see a totally different world. And electric cars very much play into this. As great as the internal combustion engine is, is it not time for a change?

Now, the internal combustion engine is one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, no hyperbole at all. But, engines too should evolve alongside the cars they run.

Within ten years, you'll be hard pressed to find many petrolhead 'purists' left, as many people will have been converted to the side of technological evolution. It's not there yet, some people are over hyping EVs, but hybrids can help bridge the gap whilst work is done on perfecting electric cars.

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  • Anything apart from tesla is fine. Just not a Tesla. That too model 3 is the ugliest thing ever

      6 days ago