Electric Cars changed my life like they changed everyone else's

Do I have enough charge time?

3y ago

Please, I don't want to see another smiler picture of Dyson claiming he can make an electric car suck any greater than it does already! There will never be popularity of electric cars by the masses because we have moved on from Jane Austin waiting for Mr Darcy, 'Colin Firth', to arrive waiting comparable with process of charge time. It's never going to happen; think of the last time you had an argument with your wife, stormed out of the house jumped into your electric car zoomed off- oh bugger- out of charge, well the same goes to you at 10 am in the morning my dear after I have put the car on charge over night... Never going to happen, the outcome of our lives will have to infinitesimally planned, feeling an argument brewing... quick charge the electric car the day before for a quick getaway looses all spontaneity.

Furthermore electric cars will never enter the popular culture of the mainstream: I have been daydreaming 'The Road' by Jack Kerouac... nowhere does it say the road swings to the rhythms of 1950's underground America, jazz , sex with chilli clowns ( what ever they are), drugs and the electric charge for the automobile, the electric vehicular epitome of how you filling the new 12 hours of recharge time needed for your car motor to get to the next town. What are you going to do with those 12 hours? You enter a cafe eye the waitress, she throws herself at you, you pop to the lavs with your soda pop... then you run to your electrically discharged car on hook up, knackered from driving at a constant 100 miles an hour for the last 3 minutes, ( instead of 110 mph for the last 13 hours). You sit there gorming out.. culture becomes frozen in time and maybe you have to have a conversation or something or play finger elephants, the visceral has to become the thinker, maybe you won't be fathering 3 kids on this journey with 3 different woman in cafes, I just don't know what you are going to do during that vehicle recharge time??? Maybe you will play cards get into a fight all night to raise enough money to pay your electric car charge bill, I just need to pay my charge bill and get the hell out of here for a few miles down the road to meet the mother of my next child?

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  • Here in the US, GM has announced that the company will abandon gas engines in favor of electric. Strike one company off my shopping list.

      3 years ago