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Electric cars, soulless or not?

Electric cars may be the future, petrol will soon or later be replaced, is an extinguishing source of power, and we have to deal with it, anyway I’m not sure electric cars have or would have a soul. This is a subject who bother many petrolheads, so here we have two different points of view on this controversial argument.

Let’s hear Natasha, the leader of this tribe:

Classic cars are great especially when you hear the roar of their engine echo through a mountain but electric cars can have a soul as well. Imagine for a quick second that all the electric cars around the world were rounded up and taken away from owners by force. People start protesting to find out their cars are about to be crushed and recycled. Some of them happen to be petrolheads which get arrested. Imagine seeing a Rimac or a Tesla (I am not a fan) being crushed and stacked on top of each other.

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They are cars as well and we are car enthusiasts it would be a shame if we see electric cars go extinct again. Plus electric cars aren't the future they have been in our past and just like petrol cars we have to love them. How can we be petrolheads and say a car doesn't have a soul? Soon there might be an electric Alfa Romeo that will be sculptured just as beautiful as it's petrol cousins and are you going to say no it doesn't have a soul? Electric cars move and breath as well just like petrol cars instead they breath similar to trees.

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They feel like they are human deep down somewhere because they were made by human hands. That is what makes cars alive. Not the noise they make or the excitement they produce. What makes cars alive is that they were built by human hands and through that, they gained spirit. Each and every car is as free as wild horses were. From ugly cars to the fastest supercars on the planet they still have spirit and are in their own right are alive. Like when Alfa Romeo made the Alfa Romeo Matta which was it's first ever off-roader you never heard anyone say "I hate that car". That is one word that shouldn't be used with cars. "Hate" is just too strong of a word. You can dislike but you can never hate a car no matter how ugly, slow or what engine they have each of them have a human soul deep down.

This is my two cents about Electric cars and soul:

Before start, I have to warn you about the fact I’m a classic cars lover, or better said, I love old stuff. I love the idea of the old days assembly lines, of cars made while people were swearing and joking putting your future vehicle together, the idea of the of the signature of the builder hidden somewhere in the car which are you driving, or the thought what someone, quilted the leather on the seats and smoothed the wood of the dashboard, I know this is already a thing of the past, but at least there's still the mechanical running.

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A car run by petrol, is like a living creature, you can feel it, feel the roar of the engine, the subtle working of the parts, you can feel it suffers when you drive it badly, the engine rev up and the gearbox crank when you accidentally miss the right gear. Driving it you learn to know it, all those little sounds and buzzes made you bond with it, and only you can get the best out of it, it's like your faithful dog, maybe sometime it make you go mad but you still love it. A petrol car is a 360 degrees experience, and I won't even start talking about the smell of petrol and what is under the bonnet, oil and grease, where to put hands on, like a newbie surgeon at the beginning and then, time after time, ending like you're mending an old friend.

1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster Triple Black - photo credits : Serious Wheels.com

Maybe electric cars are the future, but that don't entail the fact they can have a soul, is like music, digital formats are wonderful, you can carry them everywhere, the quality is astonishing and all, but nothing beat the feel which a record player and a good vinyl lp give you. In a world where electric vehicles rules, you will find me in a classic car museum, crying over the recorded sound of a V8 engine.


Do you think electric cars have souls or not?

And why do you stick with that belief?

Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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